Care of Omura Rod 
How to assemble 
The method of joining carbon graphite ferrule is the same as graphite rod.
The ferrule is made as short as possible because it is influence to bend in rod action.
In order to prevent from getting loose, I recommend you spread wax or candle on a ferrule.
Then please spread very thin.
If you spread to much, you can't set the ferrule in right position.
Some time you should clean the inside of a ferrule with a swab.
The ferrule is made not to insert the end of ferrule.
You can't insert the end of ferrule.
While you use the rod, the ferrule wear out.
You aught not to fole the ferrule. 
Please twist a tape on a ferrule, when you use Spey Rod and Switch Rod
Please be careful of breaking rod tip, when you set the fly line to the guide.
If you bending rod tip when set the fly line.
You may not return the rod bend.
Furthermore break the rod tip. 
When you fly cast, please lord line weight on the rod butt.
Do not load on the tip only. 
When you land a fish, please load on the rod butt.
And when you lead fish to a landing net.
You should stretch one's arm behind.
And it is safer that lead to a shallow that lead in not forcibly.
If you bend the rod tip over the limit, the rod tip can not return straight. 
In case of coilling the fly line around the rod tip,take off the fly line gently by hands.
Don't take off fly line by shaking rod. 
If you hang fly on the tree, you should not poke fly with the rod tip in order to take off.
In case you do so, you may break the rod tip 
When you disjoint a ferrule, please don't grip on the guide.
If you grip on the guied, your hand is injured.
That is because broken guild.
You don't grip on the guid. 
Please wipe the rod and remove any moisture.
The rod goes back into the rod tube to stay rod grip inner rod tube.
The last 
Omura Rod is strong, and made a resin impregnation.
However Omura Rod isn't graphite rod but bamboo rod.
It is delicate than graphite rod.
Especially the rod tip is delicate. 
Please use bamboo rod carefuly.
To take care for bamboo rod is pleasure.
Fly fishing is not only efficiency.
Using bamboo rod is attractive.
Let's go fishing with the bamboo fly rod !

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