Modern bamboo Spey X 
This is Modern Bamboo Spey  that hollow building.
It is adopt tow new original technology.
First, all nodes are same places.
The nodes has not shifted.
Except for the part of nodes, hollow building are carried out.
So all the point of nodes aren't hollow building.
It means that the structure is the same as bamboo in nature.
I named this method Zero node technology.
Secondary, very strong thread is wrapped spirally on a shaft.
This is the purpose of suppressing a twist of a shaft by the Spey cast.
I named this method Spiral wrapping technology.

These two methods are original technology of Omura Rod.
Of course, I adopted carbon graphite ferrule and resin impregnation finish
which are characteristic of Omura Rod.
MBSpeyX D2-130 2021NEW 13'0" #7 3pc
Skagit Rio Ellte Skagit Max Launch 500gr (Plus 75gr 10feet tip)
Scandi  Rio Scandi Short VersiTip #7 425gr
Traditional Airflo Delta Spey 6/7
MBSpeyX D2-129 2021NEW 12'9" #7 3pc
MBSpeyX D2-126 2021NEW 12'6" #7 3pc
MBSpeyX D2-123 2021NEW 12'3" #7 3pc
MBSpeyX D2-130 2021NEW 12'0" #7 3pc
MBSpeyX 130-7 13'0" #7 3pc
Skagit Airflo Skagit Switch 480gr (Plus 100gr 10feet tip)
MBSpeyX 126-8  13'0" #8 3PC
Skagit  Skagit 550gr (Puls 100gr 10feet tip)
MBSpeyX 130-9 13'0" #9 3PC
Skagit   Skagit 600gr (Plus 100gr 10feet tip)
Reel Foot (about 60mm - 68mm)
Reel Foot (about 60mm - 83mm)
 Cherry Salmon
( Rod is Modern Bamboo Spey X 130-7 )
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