Modern Bamboo Spey X (short type) 
As switch rod has spread all over the world,
the kind of fly line has increased that it is matched for switch rod.
There lines are very splended.
So I am going to make switch rod that is matched for these lines.
I adopted spiral wrapping technology and zero node technology.
Of course, I adopted carbon graphite ferrule
and resin impregnation finish which are characteristic of Omura Rod.
 MBSpey X 106-4 10'6" #4
skagit 300gr 330gr
over head WF5(Rio outbound) WF6(normal weight)
scandi 260gr 
MBSpey X 106-5 10'6" #5 coming soon 
skagit AIRFLO Skagit Switch 360gr
over head WF6 (Rio outbound) WF5(AIRFLO 40 Plus) WF7(normal weight) 
MBSpey X 106-6 10'6" #6  
skagit AIRFLO Skagit Swith 390gr 420gr
over head WF7(Rio outbound) WF7(AIRFLO 40 Plus) WF8(normal weight) 
MBSpey X 110-6 11'0" #6
skagit AIRFLO Skagit Swich 390gr 420gr
over head WF7(Rio outobound) WF7(AIRFLO 40 Plus) WF8(mormal weight)
MBSpey X 110-7 11'0" #7 coming soon
skagit AIRFLO Skagit Switch 450gr
over head WF8(Rio outbound) WF8(AIRFLO 40 Plus) 
MBSpey X 110-8 11'0" #8 coming soon
skagit AIRFLO Sakgit Swithc 480gr 510gr
over head WF9(Rio outbound) WF9(AIRFLO 40 Plus) 
MBSpey X 110-9 11'0" #9
skagit 550gr 575gr
over head WF10(Rio outbound)
Type A
Type B (option)
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