Detail of Standerd series
Rod blank is a resin impregnation finish.
It continues keeping a rod straight.
The ferrule is made of carbon graphite.
It is light weight.
And a risk of adherence is low.
The Blank of  Standard series is carried out gloss processing of the surface.
The Wood is not decided of the reel sheet.
6'6"- 6'11" 3-Weight
7'0"-8'0" 3 or 4-Weight
5 or 6-Weight
I have two color variations,
gold and brown,see-through color and red.
If you don't order,we make a gold and brown type.
The stripping guide is carboroy. 
The snake guide is hard chromium. 
You can choose the Zero-node tip.
Zero-node is not shifuted the node.
And coating the node surface.
As a result of Zero-node,tip is strength up.
 Rod catalog